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This image just keeps on going…No matter how many years, or how many applications, I continue to get commissions and requests for THIS particular Banana Palm.  
Some subject matters are just classic and they never go out of style.  This Palm, for example, looks great in a Traditional Home, A Modern Home, A Hotel or Hospitality Application, and on clothing!


Fresco for a Beautiful Great Room.

Featured above is a great room with a built in “faux coquina” frame over the fireplace.  The client wanted me to paint a fresco rendition of the “infamous” Banana Palm within the frame.
The designer who designed this home, also used my Bamboo Banana Tree fabric in the room adjoining, to tie in the theme.

Banana Palm Blouse

Talin’s Banana Top is comfortable and versatile.  It comes in Small, Medium, Large and extra Large.  This resort top looks great with slacks, skirts and shorts.
to order call:  561-573-0123


Bamboo Banana Fabric is Linen.

You may order this custom fabric by the yard.  Fabric comes 54″ wide.  $112.00 per yard.
The coordinating fabric is just the bamboo stripe.  There are 6 colourways:  lime green with pink bamboo, white with pink bamboo or green bamboo, black with brown bamboo, coral with lime green bamboo, cerulean blue with white bamboo, white with navy blue bamboo.



This painting comes in any size.
The basic small sizes are:
18″ x 24″    $59.00
24″ x 30″    $75.00
2.5′ x 4′      $300.00
Larger sizes:
4″ x 6″      $1200.00
6″ x 8″      $2500.00


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